We the people

Curated by Tulleah Pearce

As part of Liveworks 2016, Performance Space, Sydney

When we talk about food, we talk about it with our heart, interactive installation created with Aunty Beryl Van Oploo and Rebekah Raymond

When we talk about food, we talk about it with our heart, is a presentation of food, smell, sound and sight.  You are invited to join us in the act of eating and of being immersed in elements of the sea and land.  The site of this experience is a place of learning and sharing called β€˜Yaama Dhiyaan’. β€˜Yaama Dhiyaan’ means "welcome friends and family" in the Yuwaalaraay language of Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo's Gammillaroi people of north-west NSW.  Aunty Beryl is the heart of Yaama Dhiyaan and has been a part of this site for the greater part of her life. This installation is an articulation of our time spent together. Through sound, Aunty Beryl's words envelop the space. The use of the sunflowers are symbolic of her memories of her Aunty.

The text written for this work was written by Rebekah Raymond, an emerging writer, curator and proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman from Humpty Doo, Northern Territory.  Projected within the space the text shares with us a dialogue between one generation of strong women and the next.